Makeup | Easter Makeup Look

Easter Makeup Look

Hi There,

There you go! A quick makeup for Easter, the eyes are very simple to do and you won’t need many products, not from different brands at least. All the shadows that I used are from the Lorac Pro Pallet, that I’ve talked about on previous posts. Check details for the rest of the face below.

DSC_0810 DSC_0806 copy

Mac Foundation SPF 15 #8.5 and Lancome Teint Idole Ultra
Mac Foundation SPF 15 #10 for contouring
Mac Pro Long-wear Concealer NW45
Mac Studio Fix Powder NW50
Exibit A Blush – Nars
NYX Loose Powder in Light Beige
Real Techniques Powder Brush (Powder)
Mac 130 (Setting Powder)
Sigma – F15 (Illumination)
Real Techniques Stippling Brush (Foundation)
Sephora Fond de Teint Naturel 111 (Contour)

Lorac Pro Pallete Expresso (Outter Corner)
Lorac Pro Pallete Mauve (Lid)
NYX Eyeshadow base
Smashbox “Deep Black” Gel Liner

Eyelashes from Andrea #45

ELF Eyeshadow C Brush
Sigma Blending – E35

Mac Up The Amp

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade (Ebony)
For the Brow Bone Lorac Pro Palette “Cream”
Sigma E15

Have a Happy Easter,


Skincare | Scrubs and Argan Oil

Skincare | Scrubs and Argan Oil

These are things that truly deserve a place in your beauty routine. If you have been following the blog you must know that I am a scrub lover, I don’t trade scrubs for anything else in the world…Wait, like.. uhm, no! Anything! See little swatches in the pictures below, check its consistency as well.

The argan oil isn’t actually my favorite, but I am eventually always going back to it and it works god on my skin, I just hate using it during the day, so it is mostly part of my night routine. Why I do not use during the day? I am more active during the day, I tend to sweat and bothers me a lot. I’d rather use a light moisturizer during the day, the one I’m currently using is on my previous post.

Victorias Secret Pink “Sea Salt Scrub” - used this scrub a lot when I was in Luanda for christmas vacation, that city is super hot, I was always sweating and needed to scrub more because of the dirtiness that clung to my body. I was screaming about 3 to 4 times a week and my skin was radiant, and still though. I do not use this scrub neither on my face nor on lips, it will burn, I have very sensitive skin and that does not work at all. A good exfoliating scrub for face is in this post right here. This product costed $18, will last for a quite good time, worth having. Unfortunatelly,they are discontinuing it, but hope they come with that again or something even better.

DSC_0742 DSC_0738

True Blue Spa “Hand Scrub”Even though I use my hands to scrubs my body I still having my hands scrub. I bought it at Bath and Body Works, and I haven’t regret a bit. For those, who are always using their hands, it doesn’t matter what you do (painting, cooking, cleaning, washing cars or massaging) you are going to need this. This is going to smooth out your hands from rough to nice and polished. This 60 seconds Manicure, cost only $12 and will be in your beauty vanity for months. (Scrub with wet hands)

Tree Hut “Shea Sugar Body Scrub” – This is the yummiest scrub i’ve ever tried, whenever I am using it, I have to taste a lil bit (Ups!). The smell is amazing, it scrubs perfectly, leaves your skin without any dust, plus, its grains aren’t too big. Big big big big recommendation! I bought at ultra last mont and I’m using a week from now, everyday. It only costs 7 bucks.

Josie Maran “Argan Oil” - also known as “Liquid Gold” is perfect for any type of skin. After having my face clean, I squeeze to drops of the oil in my hand and put it on my face in dabbing motion. What I like in particular about the package is that it comes with this dropper that is really nice, it gives the perfect amount that you need to apply to your face. So far I think the oil is worth the price it has, but I still haven’t explore all the benefits it gives only like about 30%, only skin benefits.

See in the pictures below some of its benefits:



PS.  Scrubbing and using this only is an aaaawesome combination, my skin changed within two days and Im loving it. Im also using a bit of the oil on my hair because it is breaking on its edges, after results, I will tell you guys how the experience was.

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Monday Routine #3

Monday Routine #3


Hi Y’all,

Welcome to my glowing partyyy! Today I am rocking these three babies on my face. I will call them the “oldie-but-goodies”. I have all of them for more them 2 years, and I just can’t get enough! Today’s combo was a little bit like the last one, shine and glow. Different than the last #MondayRoutine post, here, with these products I could chose which areas of my face I wanted the glow to be at. Since spring has arrived I’m getting more into illuminators, the sunlight hits on my face and my skin looks glowy and dewy.

Nars “Orgasm” Illuminator – As I said I could choose where I wanted the highlight to be, so put a little bit of the illuminator on the high points of my face, after I moisturize my skin. I love this product to death!!! I have it for so long and I am always going back to it on summer. In need of dewyness? When it comes to getting a luminous dewy complexion you have several options, but this is my number one suggestion, it looks amazing on dark complexions.

YSL Rouge Volupte - One of my favorite lipsticks, I am a nude lipsticks junkie and I can’t help it. This color is the 1 Nude Beige, I can match it with any makeup look plus, my obsession for YSL lipsticks is endless, I just want them more more and more. The formula is amazing, silky, creamy, and every easy to apply.

Clinique Dramatically Moisturizer Lotion+ – Correction, I use all of these products for long time, but this one! Actually, this one is new, and Im trying out the sample that a friend gave me. The one I was using before is the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, no complains. This one, let me put in this words- is the bomb!!! I love it love it love it, I have combination skin and lotion seem to figure out my what my skin needs and provide it in a blink. Different than the gel, this one does not let my skin be neither dry or oily, I’ve been using the lotion+ for a week, I adore it!

This was today’s routine, no make up, yet sift and dewy!

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The Sweet Side

The Sweet Side

Today I was just eating these macaroons and I decided to come up with a post talking about beauty. I know macaroons have nothing to do with makeup, clothes, cosmetics and things of this nature and that is exactly the point, I want to talk about beauty looking to the other side, the side most people forget, but the most important one – the beauty of life. Maybe you are wondering how macaroons inspired to a post like this. If so, that is simple.

My day started as being a normal one, just like the others, until I put my feet out of the door to have someone to get my measurements. Right on my way home I stopped by a bakery and bought 3 macaroons, when I got here at this desk where I’m exactly writing my day was still like the others. Everything just changed when I had my first bite. When I heard the macaroon cracking in my mouth, I was filled with joy, the day seemed to become different, I became happier, my energy started flowing and… Yes it only seemed it became different because it was really a day just like the others: that I can chose whatever I want to to, I am still open for a lot of opportunities, my strength is the same because I am still here healthy and alive.

What changed is the perception I had towards the day. I put on my mind that eating that macaroon would make me happier, something that in fact did. That means, it just depends on the mood that you set your mind to be, and today I chose to appreciate the beauty of something, simple, cheap yet enjoyable. I strongly believe that this is the outlook we should have in life: appreciation, look into little things and see how good they can become, you choose. Every morning I set my mind to be happier, even though I didn’t start off my day right but there are lots of positive things in life to look at, so I put a smile on my face and decided to be positively influenced rather than negatively.

Some days are absolutely harder than others, other days are much easier but between the difficulty and pleasure your response to it has more impact on you, than the circumstances around. Fill your heart with joy, and let feelings of appreciation, gratitude, love invade your life; looking to the sweet side of it.

How To| Clean Makeup Brushes

How To| Clean Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are the best tools you want to have when it comes to having flawless application. Believe me that is not going to work if you have your brushes dirty. In order to have good makeup, you need your brushes clean and disinfected.

Why should you have clean brushes?

Having your brushes clean will help with the application of the product, the dirtier the brush is, the harder it will be to provide the application that it is supposed to. For example, if you have a brush with dry foundation and you place more foundation onto that brush the application will be so heavy-handed, that it almost painful. Makeup buildup is gross, plus the brush feels scratchy. You will start noticing that it does not work as it did when you first bought, that doesn’t mean you have to buy new brushes or you have poor quality brushes, it just means you have to wash them as soon as possible. Yes, as soon as possible because it does affect your health as well. Your skin can absorb any substance it is exposed to, and if you don’t know there are bacteria on makeup brushes that will penetrate your skin and cause problems such as: acne, blemishes, breakouts, pimples, etc. Despite of dirtiness, the application, and bacteria, other reasons why you have to clean your brushes are that it will remove bad oils, your death skin cells and if you use your brushes on clients you will be transferring germs from people to people.

How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

Once a week is enough, sometimes I extend it to two, but I will use the dirty ones less. Sometimes, I even use them after a couple hours, it depends on my mood. Just keep in mind that the more brushes you have dirty, the longer you will take to wash them.

What do you need?

DSC_10907.jpg DSC_1082

How to wash your brushes?

1. Wear the glove (Glove from SigmaBeauty), add gel shower and water to the glove where says wash, swirl brush. 2. Put some olive oil onto the brush, and keep swirling under running water. Under running water swipe the brush back and forth on the rinse texterure, to remove makeup residue and soap. 3. Add a little bit more of gel shower to the glove on the refine, for more cleaning. 4. sweep brush back and forth for a on the ‘rinse’ for a final rinse. 5. Place brush head on the ‘shape’ section of the glove while squeezing with hand to remove excess water.

How long they need to dry?

About 8 hours. If you wash them at night before you go to bed, they will be dry when you wake up.

How to dry the brushes? 

Leave your brushes either upside down or lying on a towel, do not let them hanging, otherwise it will break the glue. Consequently it will remove its bristles.

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Monday Routine #2

Monday Routine #2

As you see I switched the name of this series, from Makeup Monday to Monday Routine. I feel more comfortable with the name right now, since posts are not going to be only about makeup, as today’s is I will display other products as well. Today’s routine is more about smoothness, not even a bit of a heavy product on my face. If you are looking for 1. A product to exfoliate your skin to silkiness 2. A soft skin illuminator/serum and 3. An organic, natural and great moisturizer for your lips; here you go – this is my recipe.

DSC_1087 copy.jpg DSC_1083 copy


1. The Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish I Love using this product because it is the only face exfoliator that I have used so far that does not irritate my skin. My skin is sensitive and it does not tolerate products with lots of chemicals or heavy ingredients. A few months ago, I decided to go natural on my skin, only homemade, organic, or natural stuff; but The Body Shop Vitamin C line, still my favorite since 2012

2. Estee Lauder ‘Idealist’ I use this more for the sensation than anything else, it does say on the package and it is highly recommended because it reduces your uneven skintone but after 2 weeks I wasn’t seeing results,  so I stopped, but there is nothing crazier than its sensation. This product feels so good, fresh and light on your skin, plus, it has gold shimmer which makes you glow.

3. EOS Lip Balm ‘Strawbery Sorbet’ This lip balm is 95% organic, 100% natural. The moisture lasts for hours, you don’t need to be applying over and over again. You can eat, drink and the weather might be horrible but after some hours you gonna still feel the silkiness, plus its flavor is amazing.

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Makeup Monday Series #1

Makeup Monday Series #1

Hello Y’all,

Decide to come up with this series, every monday I will show you guys which products I will be using for the makeup I will be rocking that day. Normally I do not wear make up on weekdays, but I guess on mondays I’m worth it, Hah! Do not expect to always see all these products, sometimes it will be more than this other times less, other times just a lotion (YEP), it will depend on what i decide to do with my face, just stay tuned! Have a great week, y’all.

DSC_1039 copy.jpg

  1. Lancome Foundation
  2. MAC Studio Fix NW45
  3. Nars Blush Exibit A
  4. MAC prolongwear concealer NW45
  5. MAC Gold Deposit
  6. NYX Eyeshadow Base
  7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Deep Brow Pomade
  8. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
  9. YSL Lipstick
  10. Beauty Blender
  11. Naked 1 Palet – Urban Decay
  12. Maybelline Mascara Volume Express
  13. Eos Lip balm – Summer Fruit
  14. Elf Studio Powder Brush
  15. Real Techniques Stippling brush
  16. Real Techniques contour brush
  17. Sephora brush
  18. Sigma Brush
  19. Sigma Brush
  20. Sephora blending brush

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