Fall Makeup Look

DSC_1492 edited



Mac Foundation SPF 15 #9.5
Mac Foundation SPF 15 #10 for contouring
Mac Pro Long-wear Concealer NW45 and LA Girl Concealer
Mac Studio Fix Powder NW50
Mac Blush Raizim
NYX Loose Powder in Light Beige
Elf Powder Brush (Powder)
Coastal Scents (Setting Powder)
Real Techniques Stippling Brush (Foundation)
Sephora Fond de Teint Naturel 111 (Contour) and Sigma F40 (Blush)

Stila Comex Gold (Lid)
Kat Von D “Warm” (Transition Color)
Mac Eyeshadow Base ”Layin Low”
Stilla Kajal Eyeliner – Topaz – Apricote Nude

Eyelashes (Mac 33)

Sigma Large Shader – E60
Sigma Blending – E35 and E40

Mac “Vino” Lip Liner ; Mac “Rebel” Lipstick; NYX “Devil’s Food Cake” LipGloss

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (Ebony)
Sigma F75

Top 10 Makeup Brushes


Flawless makeup looks are created with potential makeup tools, I’ve reached a point that I only want to use the best, it doesn’t matter if its cheap, expensive, known, unknown, or what other bloggers are doing, I strive for perfection when it comes to my makeup and I couldn’t achieve all these pretty looks if it wasn’t for these babies I am about to mention. I am extremely picky when it comes to cosmetics, it was really hard selecting 10 brushes I love the most because I have over a hundred but it all  resumes in: Sigma, Real Techniques and Elf. I use brushes from other brands but my top 10 are from these three. I don’t want you guys to make the same mistakes I did, buy expensive brushes at MAC one by one, it was the only brand I knew back then. Wanna an update on your collection? Looking for good brushes? Heard about one of these three brands but still unsure ’bout buying it or nah? You’re at the right place, at the right time.

1. Elf Studio Powder Brush - This is the BEST makeup brush I have ever tried, I use it mostly as a powder brush, but you can also use for foundation, it came on a set when I first bought it, 4 years ago I get, and then I repurchased it individually because I found my self a little obsessed about it, soft, easy to use, and doesn’t shed. Best thing… is only $3.

2. Sigma Large Angled Contour F40 - Sigma is my #1 favorite brand when it comes to brushes, I’ve been suggesting it to my friends, clients, and everybody who asks me about makeup brushes, but… have you heard about the sigma F40? This angled brush is perfectly designed to contour the cheekbones but I use it to apply my blush, I can’t apply my blushes with anything else. Its rounded edges make the application so perfect, the softness blends the lines evenly, this is definitely a must . Price Tag $22.

3. Sigma Tapered Blending E35 – Favorite blending brush. Use to apply color on the crease and blend. Doesn’t shed, is firm, long, white and soft bristles. Perfect. $16

4. Sigma Flat Definer E15 - Used mostly to apply eyeshadows on your lower lashes, make defined and sharps winged eyelines, but I love to sharpen my eyebrows with it.This is my eyebrow tool for over a year now and I haven’t regret so far. Cost: $14.

5. Sigma Large Shader E60 - What about this one? Well… lids! When I am working on my leads, actually on every part of my face I like the product evenly spread, no gaps, no lines, thats all, and this brush does it perfectly. It is large, making the application quick, it is firm, picks up the product really good without falling out too much, beautiful coverage and you can apply most of the eye products with it (creams, primes, eyeshadow bases, wyeshadows, glitters and so on). Cost? $16.

6. Real Techniques Buffing Brush – Thuis brush could actually be my number one, but, well, so many options and I got lost, but this is definitely my number one when it comes to foundation brushes, the application is flawless. I have this for 3 years, maybe 4 and it feels like brand new every time I wash it out. This is the good thing about RT brushes, they are really easy to maintain. From the RT Core Collection ($18).

7. Real Techniques Contour Brush – To be honest I have plenty of contour brushes, like for real, PLENTY. I think I contour with every single brush that appears on my face, including brushes that I mentioned above. But this one is my fav. As I said on #6 RT brushes I really easy to maintain, I have this for 3-4 years I haven’t experience any breaks,  shedding, or any sort of damage on the brush. Its bristles are firm, yet light and soft. Can also be used to apply highlighters and works really well with liquids, powders and creams. Also from the Core Collection, which means its costs $18 overall.

8. RT Deluxe Crease Brush – Hmmm.. It was supposed to be a crease brush, but Im not good on following rules so I decided to use with almost everything (applying concealer, apply eyeshadows on the lids, on the crease, contour my nose, contour my cheek bones, blend, highlight brow bone etc etc) I think I love it because of that, I do a lot of stuff with it. Does any one out there has a do it all brush? I have some too. From the RT Starter Kit, $18.

9. RT Powder Brush – With only $10, you can have the best brush you will ever ask for. When I first purchased it I found it too big, but when I got used to it i fell in love with big brushes, They are really easy to apply products and are the best thing to use on lazy days, quick application and even coverage.

10. Sigma Tapered blending E40 - Alright, last one! This sigma bestseller is the obviously the last but not the least. I’ve learn to do make up with this brush, this is another do it all brush, it is the perfect blender,  I mean, words aren’t enough to explain what I feel about it. It blends everything, concealers, highlights, loose powders, eyeshadows, it does an excellent job on the eyes and also on the face. I also like to use it to swipe back and forth, with no additional product on, just to blend and even the eyeshadow that is already in the eyes. This soft and fluffy brush cost $16, and are definitely worth the price.

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How To | Buy Makeup


Since I started to blog and makeup freelancing I found out a very common issue among a lot of girls, mostly on girls with bronzed and dark skin tones – buying makeup. Buying makeup is the ultimate struggle for many woman, I wanted to know the reason why of the issue (because I haven’t had much difficulty finding the right products for me), so I started asking some questions, like… What is your brand preference? Do you buy makeup at drugstores? Which type of skin do you have? Lipstick tones? Blush colors? Do you have  a skincare routine? Do you have a set of brushes, from which brand? You know, it makes me curious when I listen to women complaining about not finding the right makeup products for them, makeup does not suit them the way they want, etc etc. The answer I get the most is “I don’t understanding anything about make up”, this is actually a topic that every girl should master but.. you actually don’t need to master makeup you just need to have a few products that work for you, for your type of skin, and make you comfortable with it. I know this is confusing, because there is a bunch of variety, new makeup brands coming out everyday, a lot of makeup MUAs and Gurus on Social Network but this is what tricks us the most, we tend to buy things that we see on the advertisements, we are dying to have the foundation Michelle Phan uses or the  that light Tiarra Monet’s lipstick, instead of find what truly works for us. Some of the girls I spoke with definitely have the wrong products, some of them get too many products and unnecessary stuff, some do not find balance between the products they have, some just don’t know how to buy them. So Here, I have 10 tips on how to buy make up.

1. Know what you want – if you just go to Sephora or MAC out of the blue, unaware of what you gonna buy, you probably gonna make the dumbest purchases. I mean, you can get a few goodies but you are also likely to get home and regret for getting something, why? because you didn’t want it in first place, you forced yourself to leave the store with something, so you just got something. If you want to get a blush, and a lipstick, go to the blush row and try all the blushes you think are going to be pretty on your skin until find the right one, if it is your first suggest to get a pink. About the lipstick, try a pale, nude tone, check everyshade that might suit you, and thats all you need.

2. Go to a local makeup store – If you never bought makeup, do not buy online. Just in case you want to get eyeshadow Paletts, makeup Brushes, eyelashes, beauty blenders, cleansers or… something you have used before, but going to a local store is going to help you analise from eye the quality of the product, and this is what you basically need if you’re a first timer.

3. Try products before buy them – One of the good things about going to a big store like sephora, is not only about the variety but actually the fact that you can try EVERY product you want, I mean EVERY, so enjoy it. Try whichever you want, have fun with it and discover which one works best for you.

4. Know your skin type – This question should’ve be asked every time you want to buy your foundation or your face powder, but most of the ladies working on these store neglect it, they go by matching tones instead of analyzing oiliness/dryness/combination. As a makeup artist freelance, I must say that skin type is as important as matching your foundation or powder with your skin. Are you light coverage? Medium? Full? These are questions that you should ask yourself. Before buying something you need to know if this is going to match with your skin in every single way, if not keep looking until find what is best.

5. Get your essentials – If you know your skin type, definitely you are going to know what you need. Maybe you need concealer, but do not need foundation, or you need both but no need to contour, maybe a beauty blender will do all the work for you and you don’t need as much brushes as other people do, you have to find which products are really important and necessary to your routine, instead of getting whichever is trending now and collecting a lot of unnecessary stuff.

6. Find balance between your products – Well, unfortunately, you know, like people some products don’t get along with each other. Ex: This foundation from MAC works for me and this powder from Makeup Forever also blends into my skin perfectly, the thing is they are both great when they aren’t working together. The foundation is perfect all time of the year, the powder only works on the fall because I am lighter, but it has to be on with a different foundation, otherwise, I am gonna I am going to look like Casper. If you notice the something isn’t working for you SWITCH, go get a different one.

7. Google the product – You heard about this new BB Cream and you wanna try it to badly, but you dont have any samples or is a drugstore product and there is no way you can test it, don’t just buy it right away, do a little research about. This is the time Beauty Bloggers, Beauty Gurus and Instagram MUAs are going to be your best friends. Reading about the product, and watching reviews online is going to give you a new perspective on the product, if it is worth buying or nah, try that in case you’re a little skeptical about it.

8. Don’t throw your it away – Everything just runs smoothly when you take your empty bottle to the store and show them what you want. Explaining something can be very hard when there is a multiple choices on the same store. The girl working with you can be very impatient and just “I have no idea what you are talking about, but I have this one right here, that is almost the same thing”, she is just doing her job and she can’t be stuck on one person which doesn’t know what she wants, then, is is going to get you something else, that might be better or… worse, and you gonna buy it because you don’t have numbers, series, the name, you don’t know when you got it (Always know the name of the products you use). So before throwing it away, take it to the store with you.

9. Get a set of makeup brushes – This one kinda goes with the #5, the essentials. I wouldn’t suggest a beginner to buy brush by brush. Now I do that and I am unafraid of get it wrong but sets of brushes are way better. Buying one by one turns out to be more expensive, you are going to spend a lot more money if you want to have all those brushes to do the eyes, the face, the lips, and takes more time to get all of them. NOTE: Not every set is going to do the job, I remember buying my first brushes set on amazon 5 years, and it was an awful experience, the quality was really poor, they didn’t last, and it only cost me $15, for 32 brushes. It sounds perfect, 32 brushes for $15 but… You know, not worthy at. Recommendations: Sigma Brushes CollectionsSigma Essential Kit,  Real TechniquesCoastal ScentsZoevaSedona LaceElf Brushes Set, Morphe Set of 11Morphe Master Studio Set.

10. Get  skin care products – Get some makeup remover, get some mask, cotton, scrubs, cleansers, moisturizers,  you don’t need to get everything at the same time, nor buy it all if you like to go natural (using coconut oil, sugar scrubs, apple cider vinegar and all these natural things), but you need to have a skincare routine because its not only about the pretty looks, but also a great skin. The foundation to an amazing makeup look is having an amazing skin, so get some coins together and take care of it.

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Fall Hues


DSC_14425 copy

Hello Y’all,

Fall has arrived and I selected a few lip colors I will be wearing over this season. Don’t judge me if you see me with  a different lip color, you might see a picture of me with  a lipstick that will not be mentioned here, but for me these ones are fall essentials. The shades I selected are mostly rich reds, darks tones and warm neutrals, if you are looking for something similar, here are 12 chic hues from my collection.

DSC_14553 copy

1. MAC Matte “Ruby Woo” – Red, Rich, highly pigmented. Is one of the most famous MAC lipsticks, can be worn in every season and matches all skin tones. $16

2. Nars “Cruella” Velvet Pencil – Classic, smooth and creamy, this matte pencil, which seems a lot like Ruby Woo, is the perfect red for pale skin tones. The difference between the two is the consistency, Ruby Woo tends to be more dry and harder to apply, this one is way smoother, easy-going and it is one or two shades lighter. $25

3. Nars “Train Bleu” Velvet Pencil – Is a current favorite, smooth, dark, chic, the perfect fall hue. All skin tones. (Nars has plenty of good shades for fall, go check!) $25

4. MAC “Vino” Lip Pencil - Most used for lining and shaping, Vino works best when mixed with red and dark lipsticks. $16

5. NYX “Devil’s Food Cake” Butter Gloss – This one looks a lot like the train bleu, but in a glossy version, a combination of both must be AWESOME, and guess what it only cost $5.

DSC_14562 copy

6. MAC Matte “Deep Love” – because of the sun light  and the camera, this one did not come out on it real color, but deep love is a brownish lipstick. Depending on what you are going to wear sometimes it looks quite red or dark purple. I am not a big fan of this one, but I wore twice last week and I kinda loved it. $16

7. MAC  Satin “Rebel” – This one did not come out good as well, it is a little bit darker than what it looks. Personal preference: I think it would be perfect, on a girl that rocks big curly hair, I mean, a rebel hippie haha. $16

8. MAC Matte “Smoked Purple” – Dark, really dark, almost black. This one seems a lot like “Cyber” but “Smoked Purple” is way more dry. (Recommend to exfoliate lips before use) $16

9. MAC Matte “Diva” – Wanna a lipstick like Red wine?  There you go… found it. I always combine with “Vino” Pencil.  $16

If you are thinking about going brighter, I also have this pinkish and glossy purple hues.

DSC_14576 copy

10. YSL Rouge Volupte #5 – Yves saint Laurent has the silkiest and creamiest lipstick you ever gonna find around the world, for this one is not only about the color, texture counts a lot, because it is going to be cold and windy, so your lips tend to stay dry. So, if you are looking for a lipstick that is also going to be your lip balm, is not going to make your lips dry these 3 are the cherry above the cake. $35

11.YSL Rouge Volupte #6 – Bright, colourful, pink-purple. $35

12.YSL Rouge Volupte #11 – Very light pink tone, but also very rich YSL #11 is one of my favorites YSL lipstick. Perfect for a fall romantic date. $39

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Beautiful Souls


A situation which occurred a few days ago still bothering my mind,  in a very positive way. This post was supposed to be from last monday, when the event occurred and took place, but I was like “Nah, I ain’t gonna talk about it”, then I realized that besides being a beauty blog, it is also a lifestyle blog where I can express what I feel about certain subjects, also describe situations that happened, will happen or are happening to me.

Beautiful Souls is actually a topic which I wanted to approach since I started bloging, for me, this was the right time because I had a clear experience of what a beautiful soul is. Are you ready to know the story?

Arriving at the Department of Public Safety the line was huge, I knew I had to face it anyways because I was just tired of walking round and round with my passport. It doesn’t matter if you wanted to get either a state ID or a Drivers License everybody had to wait until their number pops up. When I got there the number on the screen was 408, the number I got was 480, it was a lot of people out there, the environment was tense, people were impatient, just because everybody hates waiting. According to the number I had I was seeing myself being there for 2 to 3 more hours but… I wasn’t that stressed, I was listening to my music… enjoying myself, then 30 minutes later an old white man, grey hair, tall, stands in front of the crown, he was looking to every corner of that room, he looked at left right middle, left again (seemed like he was looking for something), our eyes locked each other, I smiled and he starts walking on my direction. As soon as I see he coming I start taking my headphones off, he approaches me and says “I can give you my number, do you want? Which number are you?”, I was so surprised that my reaction was “No, thank you”, He insisted, he told me he had other things to, and he was tired of waiting, he also told me “I have a good number, if I was you I would take it” I looked at the screen and the number that was there was 416, he laughed and asked me “Are you sure you don’t want it?” I smiled back, I took the number and when I looked at it the number on the paper was the 417. My heart was filled with joy, I was mind blown, until today, I cannot believe that I meet that kindhearted man that brighten up my day. I call him man, because we did not have time to introduce ourselves or exchange numbers. Unfortunately, when I was leaving he wasn’t there anymore.

Analising the whole story, I came to several conclusions. 1. I woke up with an amazing mind set, I knew that day would be beautiful, I knew something good would happened that day and it happened. 2. “The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, read about, and talk about intensely, you’re going to attract more of into your life.” -Jack Canfield, so this is what most of the philosophers say, “your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” A beautiful soul is going the recognize another beautiful soul by the energy one transmits to another, people can have an idea of who you are even before you shake hands or talking to you, other people might know a portion of you just by vibes or frequencies . 3. You are at the right place, at the right time. The universe works in your favor. I actually wanted to go to a different department, the one I am used to, but someone suggested me to go exactly to that one, and guess what? it happened to be my lucky day.

There are plenty of beautiful souls out there, but before you meet one or desire to meet one, like what happened to me, make sure to be one of them. I know is kind rough to be positive like that in a world like this, but at the end of the day people are just like flowers, they might have the most potential inside of them , but the way you are going to treat them is going to decide how beautiful they are going to be. Don’t be afraid to smile to strangers.

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The Secret For a Skin Free From Dirt


Impurities are everywhere, you literally can’t escape them. It doesn’t matter if you are going to spend all day at home, your skin is going to absorb dirt naturally. Our skin is the largest yet most exposed organ of our entire body, consequently it is subjected to many things. Good news, our skin reacts pretty fast when exposed to bad environments, it mostly shows in the face, causing it to be either dry or oily, darker, red, blemishes, break-outs, clogged pores, etc. Although, your skin is never 100% clean, I have a secret that can take you up to the 99s.

1. Neutrogena ‘Makeup Remover’ – The BEST makeup remover ever, it removes all the makeup, oil and every thing on your skin that you won’t need. After using many and many makeup removers, I wanna say that this is the best thing a girl who had a long day and is ready to go to bed could ask for. Its texture and tissue is not dry or rough, which make everything simpler and easier. (You do not have to use only to remove makeup, you may also clean your skin during the day if you feel comfortable)

2. Bioderma ‘Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution’ & Cotton - This solution works as daily cleanser and makeup remover. I don’t use as a cleaser that much, rarely do, but is great to remove your eye makeup, especially if you are rocking a bold and dark smokie eye.

3. Ole Henriksen ‘African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser’ – This cleanser is E-VE-RY-THINNNG, removes dirt from the surface to the skin’s deepest parts. I am so glad to find it, it removes dirt, oil, deep impurities, makeup, leaving the skin extremely clean without harming it. Skin feels fresh immediately after use, radiant and healthy. (Higly recommend)

4. Sephora Dynamic Duo Face Brush – I always use this with the Foaming Cleanser, the duo face brush is easy and quick to use. I think manual facial brushes are more pratical than the electronics, I was going to buy the clarisonic  when I found this at sephora, did not regret at all, the skin is left smooth and bright. (Also good if you are on budget)

5. Raw Organic Honey - I don’t do this everyday, but at least 2 or3 times a week I exfoliate my skin with honey, I have been doing this for a month, did that before when I was younger. Sometimes I do skip a week or more but I found honey a good skin cleanser and moisturizer, you can find online lots of honey masks, facial cleansers, body scrubs and both soaks all made off of honey.

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Makeup | Summer Makeup Look

Makeup | Summer Makeup Look

I was so excited to post this look for two reasons, 1. I can’t help but falling in love with myself every time I look in the mirror, this hair suited me so well, I almost had an heart-attack when the extension was finally installed; 2. Summer is here, of course I had to do a makeup look to rock on this perfect weather. As I said before, neutrals are faves, I actually have to play more with colors when it comes to make up, but I also wanted to something simple and comfortable. You don’t wanna wear a lot of heavy colors on hot weather, it might fade a little bit and you gonna look like you are melting. Well, the colors I used on my eyes are from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. Hope you enjoy, see other pictures below and list of all the products I used.

BeFunky_DSC_0947.jpg BeFunky_DSC_0948.jpg

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra
Mac Foundation SPF 15 #10 for contouring
Mac Pro Long-wear Concealer NW45
Mac Studio Fix Powder NW50
Exibit A Blush – Nars
NYX Loose Powder in Light Beige
Elf Powder Brush (Powder)
Mac 130 (Setting Powder)
Real Techniques Buffing Brush (Foundation)
Sephora Fond de Teint Naturel 111 (Contour)

Semi Sweet (Outter Corner)
Salted Caramel (Lid)
NYX Eyeshadow base”White Pearl”
Cherry Cordial (Lower Lash Line)

Eyelashes (No name)

Sigma Large Shader – E60
Sigma Blending – E35

YSL Rouge Volupté #11 & Mac “Lustre White” Lustreglass

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (Ebony)
Sigma F75

New In | Sephora + Charlote Russe

New In | Sephora + Charlote Russe

Most of the products right here are my last purchases from my trip to sephora, all of these are products Ive been craving for months, and this week, finally I could add to my collection. Most of them were suggestions from other beauty bloggers (which I don’t recall), except the lipsticks, and the beauty blender but I am glad with the purchases and have been trying some of the stuff already, and the experience has been amazing. I got the EOS Lip Balms from Charlote Russe, I always get them from random places, but like the other products I will link down below where you can get them.

1. The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette

2. Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

3. YSL Lipsticks “Rouge Volupté” in #5 and #11

4. Sephora Eyelash Curlers

5. Beauty Blender

6. EOS Lip Balms

Thanks For Passing By,


Random | Cultural Literacy

Random | Cultural Literacy


Hi Y’all,

I know I haven’t been here for more than a month, but from now on I will be more consistent with post, I promise, stay tuned. I still want to make lots of changes on the blog, hope you come to check out how it is going to be. Currently, I am reading this book, which I highly recommend, I heard about it when I was watching a documentary about ‘Tupac Amaru Shakur’. He was known for being an intellectual Rap Artist who loved to search for knowledge and people used to say that he was Ahead of His Time because of his intelligence. One of the books he read, according to his manager Leila Steinberg, was The Dictionary Of Cultural Literacy. This, caught my attention because I love literature. This dictionary covers a lot of topics that will help you enlighten your mind. The cover should’ve just phrase it as What The World Needs to Know instead of referring only to americans (although is written in english), because its content is universal, topics go from The bible to Mythology, Idioms, World Literature, Phylosophy and Religion, Fine Arts, World Politics, World Geography, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Science, Medicine, Health, Technology and more. I am extremely glad with my purchase, this book is from 1993 its first edition is from 1987 but will be needed for future generations, I definitely want my children to read this. As Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is Power” and as Mr. Shakur stated in his own documentary “…knowledge, search for knowledge. It’s an eternal journey.”

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Beauty Blender Vs The Perfectionist Makeup Sponge

Beauty Blender Vs The Perfectionist Makeup Sponge

If you follow makeup blogs, beauty gurus on youtube or any IG makeup artist I think you’ve heard already about beauty sponges, dupes and beauty blenders. Most of them say how really good they are, that you should have at least one of them, and so one, but what some people don’t how is how different beauty blenders and beauty sponges are. First of all there are many beauty sponges out there, all of them with different shapes and proposes, second, there is also the Beauty Blender that is a makeup sponge applicator, totally different from the other sponges, a sponge that cost $20 but is literally worth the price. Two years ago when I first heard about Beauty Blender, a mini sponge that costs $20 I was like “WOW! Really? Is that really necessary?” Today I absolutely can’t live without one, the Beauty Blender is on top of the list of worthy repurchase products, there is nothing  like a Beauty Blender.

When it cames to these two, the Beauty Blender and the Perfectionist Makeup Sponge, people tend to think they are the same, many times some people buy The Perfectionist Sponge because that is cheaper (cost $13) but in reality they aren’t equal at all, and I will show you why.

Last time I went to sephora I bought The Perfectionist Makeup Sponge, which I could test twice on myself, unfortunately the results wasn’t as good as I was expecting, mainly on blending, so I decided to go back to the beauty blender which I use for over two years. If you check the pictures below I was pressing both of them while there were wet, even though I was pressing as much as I could you can see that the Perfectionist Sponge (The purple one) wasn’t touching itself it is a little bit harder and dense but the Beauty Blender (The pink one) is more soft. After soaking them in water both grow a little bit more, but the Beauty Blender gets bigger because of its sponginess. The Perfectionist Sponge isn’t actually that perfect, I feel like the Beauty Blender bounds more and The Perfectionist is more rough to my face. Consequently, it becomes harder to blend the products and requires more time and work because of the quality of the sponge.

By looking at them looks like they are made off of the same material but they are not. The texture is actually the biggest thing of the difference both. High quality sponges are pricier but they have everything to provide you a flawless makeup application. (Check pictures below)


There are few similarities between the two, most of what a Beauty Blender does the Perfectionist Sponge will do as well, but the result might not be the same, especially when it comes to blend. See what the sponges can do below, and why I prefer the Beauty Blender instead:


Apply Foundation: With the round part of the Beauty Blender push the makeup into your face, just push push push and push and swipe it across you face, the way it was designed won’t  soak as much foundation, so you won’t waste much product.

Cover Dark Circles: If you just want to hide some dark or red circles, you definitely want to use this. It will blend the product evenly, even if you just put a tiny bit of product.

Eliminate Harsh Lines: Blends nice and seamless, After blending it will just look smooth and flawless.

Perfect For No Makeup Makeup: For those who want thin layers of makeup, or a makeup that looks like you are not wearing makeup, I would recommend the beauty blender over a makeup brush.

Blend Concealer: Concealers are obviously lighter than your foundation, when you highlight your under eyes what you want is apply it in a way that you cannot notice where you concealer ends and where the foundation starts, the Beauty Blender will provide you that, just keep pushing and pushing.

No Creasing: Foundation and concealer tends to dry really fast when using the Beauty Blender, so it just stays on your face all day long without creasing or making you look caky.

Apply Loose Powder: While wet or dry (depends on you) you can also apply loose powders and mineral powders with the beauty, using the same Push push motion, .

Flawless Finish: The Beauty Blender overall will put everything into place, better than any face brush, it will cover, blend and spread your makeup evenly.

PS. if you are looking for something less expensive than the beauty blender, you can definitely try The Perfectionist Sponge, or other dupes, although I gave you good reasons to just use the Beauty Blender.  Dupes are not as good as the Beauty Blender is but they aren’t bad I would to the perfectionist a 6.5 out 10 and 10 out 10 for a beauty Blender. (Beauty Blender is an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner)

Thank you so much for reading,